Types of Cotton

Types of Cotton

Types of Cotton

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the types of cotton?

We are always being asked the difference between Cotton poplin and Craft cotton.


SO HERE IT IS.......................


Craft Cotton -  is still 100% cotton and is actually a dressmaking cotton.  It is a lighter weight than quilting cotton. Due to its thread count 

Quilting Cotton - is great for sheets, bedding and can be used for clothing that does not need a drape it has a higher thread count and is slightly stiffer.

Cotton Lawn -  fabric is a thin, relatively sheer, high thread count cotton fabric which is made by using a tight weave. it has a smooth surface texture, it is perfect for making clothes, blouses, skirts and other clothing pieces.  So, if you are looking to sew a lightweight maxi dress, or a gorgeous summer blouse, Cotton Lawn may be the great choice for your dressmaking project. 

Cotton Poplin -  Poplin fabric is primarily made from 100% real cotton, making it lightweight but still retaining the strength.  If you like having the best of both worlds, poplin is thin and cool with an easy drape, yet simultaneously sturdy and tough. Its also know as Shirting fabric as its great for making blouses and Shirts, dresses with a drape.

 We hope you enjoyed our first Blog

I must go and get on with some alterations now... 

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